Come on, rain!

Today is a beautiful day. It is golden outside, the perfect temperature (no jacket necessary), I need my sunglasses, and the leaves are turning the classic fall colors. They blanket the ground, muffling the sound of footsteps and decorate the streets. It's Oregon, and the rain has yet to start. When it does, it won't stop until June. The daylight will be perpetually gray, the leaves will turn to mush, and i'll have to give up on my hair entirely. But, on the bright side, I'll need rain shoes. Last year I got excited about tall rubber boots, but this year I'm excited about CHIC RUBBER SHOES. The Melissa collection is so wonderful, and their are some big name teaming up with the design efforts (Vivienne Westwood? Ok!) As for me, I've got my heart set on the Dutch clogs. They also come in red, oh baby. So, I'll be stomping around town, sans clunky boots, in little red clogs and a clear plastic umbrella!! 
(items found on melissaplasticdreams.com and umbrellasusa.com)

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Jessie said...

Hey Janeane! It's great to see that you've started a blog. I love it so far, and look forward to seeing your future posts!