Works I bought on Etsy.

I finally had enough in my account to make my first etsy buys. i have been curating a group of lovely favorite items, from furniture to art to jewelry to clothes. these are on the top of my list, and i'm happy to say that they are on the way to me now. the top is a painting by italian artist Vincenzo Rizzo, and I encourage you to view more of his work here. The portraits are beautiful, frantic, and dark. Very moody and beautiful. The ring on the bottom is by a Turkish designer by the name of Star of the East, and the work is greatly inspired by elements of the sea, which i love and am forever am attracted to. 
I am planning to post soon about more of my Etsy favorites. there is some really incredibly original art and design to be found there, outside of the cutesy-crafty stuff. 


more more!

ok, ben pigao has done it again. i just received these latest images, and.... sigh. i'm lucky to be able to collaborate with these people!

top: silk/hemp blend tiered ruffle dress with reclaimed leather bodice and straps. 
bottom: pleated linen bustier, linen skirt. 
photos: ben Pigao
Model: Kacy owens
hair/MUA: Ambrosia carey


two more, why not?

These are from a shoot that i weaseled myself into. At the first shoot with ben, he mentioned that he was planning on working with Ambrosia Carey, a stylist that i've been a big fan of for a while. so i asked... 'need any wardrobe?' (I've been wanting to collaborate with her for some time!), and alas, they did! So, for the shoot  I made 2 new looks and brought the silk jersey dress (top) which i needed a full body shot of still. These are two edits that I've got back, I'll post an image of the third as soon as it comes back. The bottom photo is of a linen bustier with shaped pieces made of knife pleats, sewn together at opposing angles (sigh!) and a linen skirt (see blog below with close-ups). Kacey modeled, and she is the best. she's so FUNNY (and kind of a goofball) then she just HITS a pose and it becomes this amazing fashion shot. i believe the bottom look will be on my etsy site soon, the dress on top is no longer available... the fabric has tragically sold out at the store and i can't get any more. it's enough to make me cry! i am on the hunt for it somewhere else, or to at least to find something similar. 
the third dress is crazy.


Spring 09 Editorial

These are the rest of the edited photos taken by Ben Pigao. The results, i believe, are lovely! Thanks to everybody involved... it was a long, cold day! Anything from the collection can be ordered via etsy or by contacting me. 
MUA: Tiffani Patchett and Aimee Jadore. 
Models: Megan, Sutton, Kelsey, Courtney. 

new space, new work

Adam and i moved into our studio space... yessssssssssss. it's so nice! and big! and affordable! it's great to be able to wake up in the morning, have a cup of coffee, and then go to work. when i'm done and tired, i come home to a clean apartment... my kitchen isn't my studio space anymore! 
it's been a busy week. ive had a few etsy sales, and i did another shoot with ben pigao. i made 2 new looks for the shoot, one of them included about a 1,000 yards of intricately pleated linen that ended up being condensed into a teeny bustier. i love the effect, but, damn. what a process!


Fashion Show! Spring 2009

the alec martinez benefit show took place this past saturday at the benson hotel in portland. it was a long, beautiful evening. we raised over 15,000 for the family!!! there were some last second scares (zippers being ripped out on accident, skirts worn backwards) but the team backstage sent out the looks amazingly! thanks to everybody involved!
there has been no rest since, and will be none in the near future. i sold three more items on etsy, and have a photo shoot to prepare for, and i need to actually get some of my work in boutiques. Adam Andreas and i are planning on having a sample sale/champagne party at out studio later this month, which is going to be a powerful combination. the Spring collection can be viewed partly online (the rest coming soon!) or by appointment. as always, selling on etsy!
again, thanks to the portland fashion crowd for doing something amazing for an incredible family. 
                                                 love love love!!!