Fashion Show! Spring 2009

the alec martinez benefit show took place this past saturday at the benson hotel in portland. it was a long, beautiful evening. we raised over 15,000 for the family!!! there were some last second scares (zippers being ripped out on accident, skirts worn backwards) but the team backstage sent out the looks amazingly! thanks to everybody involved!
there has been no rest since, and will be none in the near future. i sold three more items on etsy, and have a photo shoot to prepare for, and i need to actually get some of my work in boutiques. Adam Andreas and i are planning on having a sample sale/champagne party at out studio later this month, which is going to be a powerful combination. the Spring collection can be viewed partly online (the rest coming soon!) or by appointment. as always, selling on etsy!
again, thanks to the portland fashion crowd for doing something amazing for an incredible family. 
                                                 love love love!!!

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Aimee said...

Looks fab!! :) Who were the MUA's for the show? I don't recognize the work!