Day Look solution

Here is another therapeutic solution to my wardrobe problem. If only...

paper leather jacket by Vince
resin pendant by Missoni
cowl neck sweater by Rick Owens
Legging by Sass & Bide
boot by Yves Saint Laurent


solution number one

I've known for a while now that I need a complete d0-over in my closet. I really have no essentials, except for a black trench that I was recently given. I live my life in jeans and tee-shirts, which is completely uninspiring, yet comfortable as hell and convenient to boot. The root of my problems is that I don't have money to spend on clothes, much like the rest of the world right now. I realize that fashion can be had at a bargain, and I believe I have an eye for finds, but it's hard for me to spend five bucks right now. On a global scale, this can hardly be considered a problem, especially when one considers that state of the world and the plethora of crises we are on regarding hunger, education, disease, quality of life, economic stability, and so on. Yet, I find myself battling these wants... I want new boots, I want a new cardigan, I want to buy a house someday, I want to get a kitten, I want to get that Ikea book case and sofa. Where is the need, and the satisfaction of needs being met? As they are on a daily basis, because even without expendable income, i still manage to live a notably comfortable life... iPods and iPhones everywhere, an apartment with a washer and dryer, trips to the beach... Anyway, I guess the boundary between the realms of Want and Need are being more clearly defined on the map of my life. I was raised as a consumer, and the desire for THINGS is strong in me. Especially as a designer, when I am attracted to a thing it's usually because it appeals to me on several levels, and I see it as a beautiful form that says something about how I see the world, instead of just as a cute shoe. Maybe it's that I filter my way of seeing through things, like I am building a museum of my life. That is what i strive for, at least. Intent is one of the most important element of design for me... Anyway...
I went shopping on Net-A-Porte.com tonight, a little virtual pick-me-up. God, I didn't actually BUY anything. Gotta pay rent, you know. But! If i could have, I would have started with this little day look. Very comfortable, versatile.

Necklace: Dannijo
Sweater Dress: Helmut Lang
Leather Jacket: Doma
Boots: Church's
all at net-a-porte.com


I heart iPhone

OOOOOOOOH LA LA! i got myself an iPhone finally! Business expense, you know...
(actually I can't imagine daily operations without it, after having it for a day and a half.) So i took a teency-weency break today and took some pics around the studio. I know, weak blog... I'm just not that good at this :) But i do enjoy it, and I do love these pictures :)


My first boutique!

Oh, the day has arrived. I just dropped off an arm load of pieces today at Radish Underground, a lovely boutique in downtown Portland that carries the lines of several local designers. The store is great- it's adorable inside, and has a well curated selection of clothing for men and women, art work, and accessories. They even serve drinks on First Thursday (tomorrow, people!) which is when my pieces should be available for sale. I starting with 7 styles, and will be working on more new stuff everyday. So thanks, Gina and Celeste, for carrying my work! Ok people now go buy it all up. 

The store is at:

414 SW 10th Avenue Portland 97205  503.928.6435