So, I did a shoot last week with the magical Ben Pigao, a photographer and graphic designer here in PDX. We had over 10,000 chilly square feet to work with at his studio. We shot the spring collection, which has a core of about 7 looks, which i added some fancy dresses to for the show this saturday. 
The models were Courtney Cornett, Megan Marie Hodge, Kelsey McCurdy, and Sutton S. Aimee Jadore and Tiffani Patchett did hair and make-up, and made the girls look gooooooood. Perfect. Anyway, we came away with some amazing fashion photography!

top:Megan. in the black widow top, 100% silk taffeta
middle: Kelsey    in the Treasure dress. 100% silk brushed taffeta with beading/stone/glass detail
bottom: Courtney in the Playa top, 100% silk twill, and Panama pant, 100% linen


Wrap me up in Lacoste, send me out in Daryl K

Yesterday, things seemed to soften up a bit at NY fashion week. The stand out for me was Daryl K, who gave a static presentation against a clay-colored monochromatic set of his super cool, super streamlined fall collection. His cuts were straight to the point, modern, and deliberate. On the other hand, Lacoste (from the day before) was just COZY. I would love to be wrapped up in any of those soft knit pieces, from head to toe. In a dream world, I'd start out my day in Lacoste, have morning coffee, read the paper in a sunlit kitchen in Brooklyn, check my email and blog. Then, i'd have to get serious, get working, and change into my new Daryl K. I could hit the streets, feeling confident, and get things done. (by the way, i'm writing this in my pajamas, and then i'll just change in to the same pair of jeans and tee shirt that i've been wearing for the last 6 months... boring...)


FALL 2009, the first two days in NYC

I was a little surprised at the overall tone of the collections coming down the runways. The designs seemed angry, a little chaotic, and hardened. Maybe they were mad at the fact that their friends could not show with them because of cuts, or that sales are down because the economy is in the toilet, and the world is in a recession. There has been a notable change in silhouette recently that is reminiscent of 1930's styling (oh, the Great Depression...) but fall seemed a little more post-apocalyptic than that. I think I was expecting something more forward thinking, a little positive reinforcement of what life will be like after we get through this little disaster. Instead, there was LOTS of black (no big surprise), lots of asymmetry and wild cutting, and hard shine. My favorite looks are posted above. Top: Koi Swannagate, Victoria Beckham (that collection is surprisingly good), Herve Leger, Elise overland Preen, Ohne Titel, Diane Von Furstenburg, Alexander Wang


Workspace/dining room

Until a few days ago, I have been cramming all of my samples into the back corner of my closet (my small closet). Then, Jordon bought me a rolling rack! I should have had one for a while now, but since I've moved my studio back into OUR studio apartment (where we live, eat, sleep, cook, and do all the things people do in their homes- i now drape, pattern, cut, sew, store fabric, etc.) it's been a little cramped. 


Happy Valentine's day... sewing machine.

MMmmm. Morning coffee. 

Today is Valentine's day. Hoorah? It's slate grey outside, and i have a whole hell of a lot of sewing to do. That's not a complaint, since I love to sew. The fitting for the show is tomorrow, and I've got some bits that are more a twinkle in my eye than something hanging on a hangar. But today will be productive! Cross my heart and kiss my elbows. 

Here are some more shots from the Aaron Galleotti shoot. I am SOOOO happy with the results, I can't even begin to say. I think it's apparent from the the images how thoughtful and artistic the photographer is. He should do very well with the picture-taking thing!


real quick!

I only have a minute, i just wanted to post a picture of the top i've been working on. It's part of the spring collection, made of black taffeta. 


New images from the Aaron Galleotti Shoot

This is one talented photographer. I saw some of Aaron's photos of some local bands on Model Mayhem, and i loved the portrait style and vintage textures of the photos. I immediately wanted to work with him, so we set up a shoot with one of my favorite models, Heather Lusia. These are just a few from the Pre-Spring shoot, a "teaser," as the rest are on their way. As an indication of what's to come, I'm very excited about the rest! I'll post as they come. As a reminder, I'm showing my collection at the benson Hotel in Portland on Saturday, February 8th... so i hope to see you there! get some fashion on and help a family dealing with cancer. Find more info here about the Alec Martinez story and benefit show!
Photo: aaron Galleotti. Model: Heather Lusia. Make-up: Kendra Stanton


first image

this is the first image from a recent shoot i did with some of my Spring Collection. the shoot was to build the portfolio of the model, Hiromi Laron, and i provided wardrobe. We shot at the photographer's home, and came away with some amazing shots. 
Photography: Trevor Warren , Spirion photography. make-up, Christy Lynn Scott
I did a shoot on feb. 2nd with a photogrpaher from Battle Ground, and as soon as i get those pics, i'll post'em all! 


good news, bad news

Two things happened today. One was good, the other, bad. 
I woke up this morning, tired and unsatisfied with a restless night's sleep (I was designing in my mind while trying to fall asleep, bad idea). So I drove to my sister's apartment in the morning to leave the car. As i got out, my husband noticed a bird that seemed to be injured. In the parking lot, the little animal was flapping wildly on the ground, traveling in small frantic circles. I got close to it, and realized that it's neck was tucked unnaturally in a curve, almost under the wing. It was broken! it must have flown into a window. I tried to calm it, placing my hand behind it, but it was understandably scared of me. I found a shoe box in my trunk and covered the poor thing, and went into my sister's apartment. We called the vet- they could euthanize it, that was all. It would have died in that parking lot, slowly, alone, and in pain. I just wish i could have explained to it, you need to be still, you need to stop flapping your wings, i am trying to make you comfortable and take care of you. Anyway, it was really very tragic. the bird and i looked each other in the eye, i wish i could have helped more. 
The good thing that happened is i finally made my first sale on etsy. A nice woman in London bought the pink/white/red Radiant skirt, and i will be sending it out soon. Just in time for Valentine's day! I'm happy that somewhere out there  will be a girl wearing a lovely skirt that i designed and made. It's also pretty sweet that it's in London, my favorite city!


NOT what tax returns are for...

The first week of February! I am ready for warm weather. Sandals. Skirts. Going to the market and buying fruits and vegetables. A tan face. Riding bikes. Reading in the park. ALL OF THESE THINGS! I am always surprised when the season changes, as if there was a chance it would not have actually happened, that the leaves would not come or go and the length of the day would stay the same. So of course, on a grey northwest morning watching Vicky Christina Barcelona in bed, I find these shoes on Net-a-porte and dream of being in the Mediterranean. Even though we are getting a nice little ball of cash back on our taxes, the money will go to more realistic things... but i can still dream!
Top to bottom: Celine, Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Oscar de la Renta, Fendi. All at Net-a-Porte


Ports 1961...

This a kind of disclaimer. As I am working away on my Spring Collection, the Tropics of Love, i am thinking ahead about my fall Collection. I already have my concept, drawing inspiration from the Pacific Northwest Coast Indian cultures. It's been swirling around in my brain for a few months, I even submitted a group to Adidas with the concept last fall to apply to the Y-3 design Academy (didn't get it! sigh... I guess I never really FULLY applied, though... not enough time with school and graduating!) Anyway, the collection will be called Totem Coast, and I have accumulated some beautiful images of art and designs from many of the tribes. 
ports 1961 is one of my FAVORITE lines. The design is modern, interesting, and super chic. So I was excited to see their new collection is also inspired by the same thing i've been thinking of. It's happened before, as I'm sure all designers are aware. Your idea is realized by someone else before you have the chance to make it! But I'm still planning on creating the Totem Coast collection, because it's mine. Okay, back to work!