from the West to the East and back again

Awhile ago, my friend Jillian asked me if she could borrow some pieces from me for a project she was working on. Now, Jillian is an amazing, dynamic, creative, and wildly energetic woman and I will always be happy to be a part of whatever ideas are brewing in her brain. So i let her take some things... and her project became China Bound, in which she flew to China with the work of several Portland Designers and met with several important figures from the Henan region in China, where much of global garment production happens. It was an idea exchange between Portland and China- they work mostly in mass production, with almost no independent designers, and Portland is brimming with independent design talent. Anyway, it seems like this may transform the future of both Portland and Chinese fashion industries! 
The pictures were taken by Leah Nash, who travelled with Jillian and documented the trip. I can't wait to see what happens next!


Fashion Farm

These are the first few images to come back from LUCAS COOK, and amazing photographer who is fresh fresh FRESH. 
The dress is an italian cotton shirting, with a subtle chevron weave. It has a bustier foundation with boning, and A-line flared skirt, and an inset piece at center from with chevron knife pleats. Very simple, yes?
Morayma, the fearless model, deserves some kind of award, or trophy, or SOMETHING! I mean, look at those cows! she is completely surrounded! I can't even imagine what the ground around her must be like... But, she comes off beautifully, and naturally. There is something epic, yet quiet, with these images...
More to come!


oh, this made me LAUGH

I know this has nothing to do with fashion, or design, or anything else... but when this skit came on SNL last week... i really, really, really laughed my ass off! it takes a second to get started, but when Kristen Wiig appears, oh my god it made me cry! so WEIRD!


The third issue of Antler Magazine is out. And I'm in it! I was contacted a while back by Andi, who edits the mag. It's a carbon-neutral, online mag with TONS of cool stuff, great design, and artwork. She has great taste! Anyway, you should check it out!


Jene DeSpain JEWELRY !!!!

The past two days have been wonderful. This is mainly due to the fact that on both days, I received earrings by Brooklyn jewelry artist Jene DeSpain. She hand makes all of her pieces and uses fine materials such as gold and stones. The details of her work are so intricate and lovely! The Canary earrings, at top, are so much fun because they are so feminine and flirty, and the red/gold style at the center and center bottom are STATEMENT pieces. So modern, with an art-deco inspired design. I urge everyone who reads this to check out her site and look at her collections. Jene was so cool to do a trade with me for the Canary earrings, and my friend Alyson Clair got me the bottom style as a thank-you for some help with her spring production (she's got a great line of vintage inspired fashion, called Clair). 
ahhhh... i love jewelry! 


Viva Seattle!!!

Today, tomorrow and the next day I'm in Seattle. And it's BEAUTIFUL! i've never been to the city and have it be so pleasant- the sun is shining, the people are out, and it's pretty warm. I didn't really spend that much time outside today, but tomorrow, that will change. I'm going to leave the hotel early (ish) and walk around the city, get some coffee and breakfast, go to the market and the piers... all that. I'm looking forward to a little mini-vacation (all I ever wanted!). 
The pics above are of a new dress and jacket that i made. The dress is a 3-ply creped silk, in navy that sometimes looks purple, with a braided/looped/roped detail at the neck. the original sleeves were longer, but i had to cut those off... and the jacket is a wool sateen, a sample of my upcoming fall collection. 
Yay! new bits!


guess what fluttered into my mailbox this afternoon? A cd! with pictured on it! These photos are from a shoot I did months ago with Trevor from Spirion Photography, and model Hiromi Laron (who has the most AMAZING hair i have EVER seen... it's been quite a while and i still feel the pangs of hair jealousy...) anyway, they came out verrrrrrry nicely, i believe. 


Has it really been a MONTH?!

Okay, i am a bad, bad, bad little blogger! I have let a month slip between my fingers with nary a snippet or picture here... but, this month has been, well, interesting. The good news is that spring may be here after all, finally, and even got my first tan lines of the year. At the moment I am putting together my fall collection, called 2028. 
It's the year 2028: all of the coasts have fallen into the sea, the ice caps have melted, the equator is on fire. There are established bases on the moon (as projected by NASA), and people have to leave the earth and try life someplace new. So now the landscape is barren, pock-marked, and we are constantly reminded of home as the earth rises and sets on the cold horizon. 
I want to have structured pieces, with lots of curved seaming juxtaposed with sharp angles. There will be as many double knits and chunky knits as I can find, as a reminder of comfort. Anyway... I'm really excited about the collection- i think it will be lovely... 
(now i just have to make it! in a month!!!)