from the West to the East and back again

Awhile ago, my friend Jillian asked me if she could borrow some pieces from me for a project she was working on. Now, Jillian is an amazing, dynamic, creative, and wildly energetic woman and I will always be happy to be a part of whatever ideas are brewing in her brain. So i let her take some things... and her project became China Bound, in which she flew to China with the work of several Portland Designers and met with several important figures from the Henan region in China, where much of global garment production happens. It was an idea exchange between Portland and China- they work mostly in mass production, with almost no independent designers, and Portland is brimming with independent design talent. Anyway, it seems like this may transform the future of both Portland and Chinese fashion industries! 
The pictures were taken by Leah Nash, who travelled with Jillian and documented the trip. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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