Jene DeSpain JEWELRY !!!!

The past two days have been wonderful. This is mainly due to the fact that on both days, I received earrings by Brooklyn jewelry artist Jene DeSpain. She hand makes all of her pieces and uses fine materials such as gold and stones. The details of her work are so intricate and lovely! The Canary earrings, at top, are so much fun because they are so feminine and flirty, and the red/gold style at the center and center bottom are STATEMENT pieces. So modern, with an art-deco inspired design. I urge everyone who reads this to check out her site and look at her collections. Jene was so cool to do a trade with me for the Canary earrings, and my friend Alyson Clair got me the bottom style as a thank-you for some help with her spring production (she's got a great line of vintage inspired fashion, called Clair). 
ahhhh... i love jewelry! 

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Alyson Clair said...

I have been wearing my earrings every day since I got them. <3