Has it really been a MONTH?!

Okay, i am a bad, bad, bad little blogger! I have let a month slip between my fingers with nary a snippet or picture here... but, this month has been, well, interesting. The good news is that spring may be here after all, finally, and even got my first tan lines of the year. At the moment I am putting together my fall collection, called 2028. 
It's the year 2028: all of the coasts have fallen into the sea, the ice caps have melted, the equator is on fire. There are established bases on the moon (as projected by NASA), and people have to leave the earth and try life someplace new. So now the landscape is barren, pock-marked, and we are constantly reminded of home as the earth rises and sets on the cold horizon. 
I want to have structured pieces, with lots of curved seaming juxtaposed with sharp angles. There will be as many double knits and chunky knits as I can find, as a reminder of comfort. Anyway... I'm really excited about the collection- i think it will be lovely... 
(now i just have to make it! in a month!!!)

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