good news, bad news

Two things happened today. One was good, the other, bad. 
I woke up this morning, tired and unsatisfied with a restless night's sleep (I was designing in my mind while trying to fall asleep, bad idea). So I drove to my sister's apartment in the morning to leave the car. As i got out, my husband noticed a bird that seemed to be injured. In the parking lot, the little animal was flapping wildly on the ground, traveling in small frantic circles. I got close to it, and realized that it's neck was tucked unnaturally in a curve, almost under the wing. It was broken! it must have flown into a window. I tried to calm it, placing my hand behind it, but it was understandably scared of me. I found a shoe box in my trunk and covered the poor thing, and went into my sister's apartment. We called the vet- they could euthanize it, that was all. It would have died in that parking lot, slowly, alone, and in pain. I just wish i could have explained to it, you need to be still, you need to stop flapping your wings, i am trying to make you comfortable and take care of you. Anyway, it was really very tragic. the bird and i looked each other in the eye, i wish i could have helped more. 
The good thing that happened is i finally made my first sale on etsy. A nice woman in London bought the pink/white/red Radiant skirt, and i will be sending it out soon. Just in time for Valentine's day! I'm happy that somewhere out there  will be a girl wearing a lovely skirt that i designed and made. It's also pretty sweet that it's in London, my favorite city!

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