Wrap me up in Lacoste, send me out in Daryl K

Yesterday, things seemed to soften up a bit at NY fashion week. The stand out for me was Daryl K, who gave a static presentation against a clay-colored monochromatic set of his super cool, super streamlined fall collection. His cuts were straight to the point, modern, and deliberate. On the other hand, Lacoste (from the day before) was just COZY. I would love to be wrapped up in any of those soft knit pieces, from head to toe. In a dream world, I'd start out my day in Lacoste, have morning coffee, read the paper in a sunlit kitchen in Brooklyn, check my email and blog. Then, i'd have to get serious, get working, and change into my new Daryl K. I could hit the streets, feeling confident, and get things done. (by the way, i'm writing this in my pajamas, and then i'll just change in to the same pair of jeans and tee shirt that i've been wearing for the last 6 months... boring...)

1 comment:

Ninja Seamstress said...

I need the dress in the photo second from the top. I mean I NEED it. I must make this for my self.
You always have such great taste Janeane!
Muah, Jamie.