Ports 1961...

This a kind of disclaimer. As I am working away on my Spring Collection, the Tropics of Love, i am thinking ahead about my fall Collection. I already have my concept, drawing inspiration from the Pacific Northwest Coast Indian cultures. It's been swirling around in my brain for a few months, I even submitted a group to Adidas with the concept last fall to apply to the Y-3 design Academy (didn't get it! sigh... I guess I never really FULLY applied, though... not enough time with school and graduating!) Anyway, the collection will be called Totem Coast, and I have accumulated some beautiful images of art and designs from many of the tribes. 
ports 1961 is one of my FAVORITE lines. The design is modern, interesting, and super chic. So I was excited to see their new collection is also inspired by the same thing i've been thinking of. It's happened before, as I'm sure all designers are aware. Your idea is realized by someone else before you have the chance to make it! But I'm still planning on creating the Totem Coast collection, because it's mine. Okay, back to work!

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