solution number one

I've known for a while now that I need a complete d0-over in my closet. I really have no essentials, except for a black trench that I was recently given. I live my life in jeans and tee-shirts, which is completely uninspiring, yet comfortable as hell and convenient to boot. The root of my problems is that I don't have money to spend on clothes, much like the rest of the world right now. I realize that fashion can be had at a bargain, and I believe I have an eye for finds, but it's hard for me to spend five bucks right now. On a global scale, this can hardly be considered a problem, especially when one considers that state of the world and the plethora of crises we are on regarding hunger, education, disease, quality of life, economic stability, and so on. Yet, I find myself battling these wants... I want new boots, I want a new cardigan, I want to buy a house someday, I want to get a kitten, I want to get that Ikea book case and sofa. Where is the need, and the satisfaction of needs being met? As they are on a daily basis, because even without expendable income, i still manage to live a notably comfortable life... iPods and iPhones everywhere, an apartment with a washer and dryer, trips to the beach... Anyway, I guess the boundary between the realms of Want and Need are being more clearly defined on the map of my life. I was raised as a consumer, and the desire for THINGS is strong in me. Especially as a designer, when I am attracted to a thing it's usually because it appeals to me on several levels, and I see it as a beautiful form that says something about how I see the world, instead of just as a cute shoe. Maybe it's that I filter my way of seeing through things, like I am building a museum of my life. That is what i strive for, at least. Intent is one of the most important element of design for me... Anyway...
I went shopping on Net-A-Porte.com tonight, a little virtual pick-me-up. God, I didn't actually BUY anything. Gotta pay rent, you know. But! If i could have, I would have started with this little day look. Very comfortable, versatile.

Necklace: Dannijo
Sweater Dress: Helmut Lang
Leather Jacket: Doma
Boots: Church's
all at net-a-porte.com


Anonymous said...

Isn't it hilarious that we, as designers, seem to have the hardest time dressing ourselves? I guess it's the lack of sleep.

How are you? I miss seeing you at school!

Alyson Clair said...

More trips to the beach. One of my old neighbors in the Cockroach Palace II is fostering 2 baby kittens that are looking for a home. SUPER cute and fuzzy.