Works I bought on Etsy.

I finally had enough in my account to make my first etsy buys. i have been curating a group of lovely favorite items, from furniture to art to jewelry to clothes. these are on the top of my list, and i'm happy to say that they are on the way to me now. the top is a painting by italian artist Vincenzo Rizzo, and I encourage you to view more of his work here. The portraits are beautiful, frantic, and dark. Very moody and beautiful. The ring on the bottom is by a Turkish designer by the name of Star of the East, and the work is greatly inspired by elements of the sea, which i love and am forever am attracted to. 
I am planning to post soon about more of my Etsy favorites. there is some really incredibly original art and design to be found there, outside of the cutesy-crafty stuff. 


Jessie said...

That's so funny, I think I had that ring in my favorites for awhile! I love it. And the painting is beautiful too. I saw that you're participating in the Mercury fashion show. Congrats on getting in! Are you gonna have a whole new collection for that?

I'm going to be doing the Strut fashion show, and am very excited to work on something that's not my Senior Collection! I'm gonna try to channel your productive energy and really crank it out. I only have about two months to make 8-10 looks (men's & women's), so I really gotta kick it in high gear. I'll also be taking 5 classes and making a wedding dress. EEEK!

Good luck, and by the way, your pictures look beautiful!

Alyson Clair said...

That ring is beautiful. I would love to see the other goodies you like.