two more, why not?

These are from a shoot that i weaseled myself into. At the first shoot with ben, he mentioned that he was planning on working with Ambrosia Carey, a stylist that i've been a big fan of for a while. so i asked... 'need any wardrobe?' (I've been wanting to collaborate with her for some time!), and alas, they did! So, for the shoot  I made 2 new looks and brought the silk jersey dress (top) which i needed a full body shot of still. These are two edits that I've got back, I'll post an image of the third as soon as it comes back. The bottom photo is of a linen bustier with shaped pieces made of knife pleats, sewn together at opposing angles (sigh!) and a linen skirt (see blog below with close-ups). Kacey modeled, and she is the best. she's so FUNNY (and kind of a goofball) then she just HITS a pose and it becomes this amazing fashion shot. i believe the bottom look will be on my etsy site soon, the dress on top is no longer available... the fabric has tragically sold out at the store and i can't get any more. it's enough to make me cry! i am on the hunt for it somewhere else, or to at least to find something similar. 
the third dress is crazy.

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