Big time with JUKI

The day has arrived! I bought an industrial sewing machine! Motor, single needle lock stitch, KNEE LEVER (oh yeah!), I even have a teflon foot with which to sew knits smoothly and evenly.... my life is just somehow brighter for the last few days.... It's a Juki (made in Tokyo), and I got an insane, out of this world deal on it, too. About a third of the price as I should have paid, but the circumstances were in my favor, and i think the starts were aligned, too. The machine is kind of dirty, but i cleaned it up and now it lives the good life in my studio. I'm a very happy designer!


Jessie said...

How exciting! I was waiting for you to post a picture! Where did you get it?

Alyson Clair said...

Pretty!!! Good score!