oh Joy!

Last night, at 8:02 pm, I looked up from my computer, and there it was. OBAMA ELECTED 44th PRESIDENT. I knew it would happen in my heart, but there was still that fear lingering that had dug there way into my conscience after what happened for the last two elections. First Gore, then Kerry. I was a little damaged. In the end, we made it happen. There is something to believe in again! If i had to listen to Palin's voice for the next four years, I probably would have considered moving to a cave somewhere in Patagonia, or maybe setting up residence on an inflatable raft and just drifting around at sea until it was safe to come back. Anyway, YAAAAYYYY! if he only supported gay marriage... that's the only issue that i ahve with Obama. Other than that, I AM SO HAPPY HE WILL BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT.
oh, and the new first lady wore a dress by my favorite designer, narciso rodriguez!

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