Bling Me!

 Oh, these days have been frantic. I'm sewing my senior collection (pics to come) and suddenly the days run away like wild horses over the hills. So, for a pick me up, I've been looking at jewelry. It seems to be working, and it reminds me why I'm doing all of this anyway (which is a question that bears an expansive answer that currently exists outside of my vocabulary on hand). I suppose being a design means that somewhere in you lies an ever unsatisfiable need to create things which are always better, always improved, and just beyond what the rest of the world is able to see and understand. The horizon is the only place that matters, and life is lived six months in the future. It's weird, because that means the present is in the past. Anyway, whatever it is, I love it and I need it. And hopefully, someday, it will afford me fabulous accessories. Unfortunately, I've lost the credits to the pieces... I downloaded them a while back. i think they are mostly from shopbop. com...

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