Wang is the Winner

Alexander Wang has won the CFDA award, along with twohundredthousanddollars. I'm happy about that... I was just looking at a few of his pieces today at the new-ish Portland boutique Francis May, which, I must say, is a wonderful place (Clu, opening ceremony, Vena Cava, Alexander Wang.... mmmmm). Anyway, what I saw was so simple and so beautiful- if I could have afforded it I would have bought it then and there. His was one of my favorite collections from fall, although all the pics above are from spring (I'm still not sure what happened with spring, pretty much across the board. It's like every designer in the world forgot that it was coming, and then they all woke up from the same nap and made a collection over shots of espresso and cinnamon scones and voila, runway show... with some exceptions, of course). 
Oh- And I saw the new james bond. mmmmm. 

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Christa said...

you could kick this guy's ass at design. that's how good you are.