back in the habit

So, I can't remember how to draw. Art school has killed my instinct. Well, maybe that's not true, but I sure haven't had any time to draw in the last few years. So I'm getting back in the habit, and I am ambitiously trying to re-do my whole portfolio, because I don't think the illustrations are ANY good... i got really caught up in photoshop for rendering. and that takes the life out of everything! It's okay to be messy, I even used to LOVE getting dirty when I was working - like being up to my elbows in watery clay or riding the bus home with charcoal smears all over my face. 
This is a first attempt, a little warm up. It needs more work, but blah blah blah, i'm still posting it! I wish that sleep wasn't necessary, and one could stay up twentyfourhoursaday- just doing all the things we love to do but can't squeeze into waking hours. 

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Janie said...

Pretty! The front reminds me of those bias thingies we did in advanced draping!