the very first one

hello and good morning!

first of all, I'm not quite sure what this is all going to be about. I imagine it will be lots of fashion images and projects that I'm working on, such as garments I'm sewing or drawings and the like. At the moment, I'm putting together my senior collection. So there will probably be quite a bit about that as well. 

Ok- here's a little about me:
1. I live in Portland, Oregon. 
2. I'm about to graduate from the Art Institute with a B.F.A in apparel design. 
3. I love to sew, I love books and I love fashion. 
4. I have a twin sister, I'm five minutes older. 
5. I hate writing about myself, so from now on I'll stick to other topics. 

Alright then... this is just to get started, because I've had an empty blog for several days. What's to come will be decidedly more interesting. And Fun! bYe for now... 

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