paper or plastic? uhm, plastic paper, thanks.

As I've said earlier, I'm i-l-l-u-strating again. I went to the art store, and found a watercolor paper made out of PLASTIC. Maybe I'm naive, but i didn't even know it existed. it's called yupo, and I decided to try it out. The sales woman said it wouldn't do anything weird, as I had my apprehensions since plastic isn't the most absorbent material in the world. I made these quick sketches with india ink and gauche tonight, and I think I like the effect. 

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Sonia Levesque said...

Plastic paper?!? I'm gonna check that out... I wonder if I'll be able to find this where I live.

You're talking about using ink and "gauche". Do you mean gouache? GAUCHE means LEFT or CLUMSY in French. I laughed at myself because I searched and searched for the meaning of the word... before asking myself if it was just a typo. lol

Ah! Second languages!