Dear Juan Carlos Obando, YOU HAVE MY VOTE!

The cfda/Vogue fashion fund is again looking for an amazing new designer to give a pile of money to. Well, I say, give it to J.C.O! I love his collection: it is so light, barely there even, and still manage to created a powerful statement of determined style. The clothes are beautiful, but he allows the woman to shine through. He's really not trying to say everything at once: just concentrate on a detail here and there, and let he rest speak for itself. I believe I'm going to need that middle-left dress in the near future. Tonight, perhaps, in my dreams. I'll wear it to the opera, in Russia, and then I'll go dancing in it... I think i would actually know how to dance if I wore that dress. 

1 comment:

Christa said...

i'll take the middle right on. and that little leather jacket.