now selling at etsy.com!

I finally did it! I've opened a store at www.janeanemarie.etsy.com. At the moment I've only posted 5 items, but there will be more after the first of the year. I won't be selling a collection, just random pieces that i make as i go. My plan is to have a mini collection this fall, and then have something a little more established by spring. Some of the looks on my website are available online now, though. I've also got the knit dress from the previous post and the pieces in this post for sale. So stop by! 


Sonia Levesque said...

Congrats on the web boutique!

I'm thinking of doing that myself this year... Best of luck!

I love your eye for fashion. We definitely got similar tastes. I look forward into seeing your designs.

Maria Karachobanova said...

Congrats love!
I can't imagine not seeing you at school any more:( can you come back and teach a class or pretend you are in school again for a quarter more please!!!!!