Fashion Photographers of the PACIFIC NORTHWEST!

The pacific Northwest is not known for fashion. I do believe, though, that things are changing, and there is a lot of great design happening here. We've got Leanne Marshall, Adam Arnold, The Seaplane women (Kate Towers and Holly Stalder), May Tee, Elizabeth Dye, etc. Anyway, there is a new story unfolding, and I'm happy to be a part of it. 
Along with the impressive design comes powerful photography. My previous blog showcases the work of Lavenda Memory (who shot my senior collection). I have scanned Model Mayhem and chosen a few shots that really stand out to me. The top two shots are the work of Eric Rose, the third is an image by Howard Petrella, and then finally we have a pic by Christopher Murr (the models, Kristen and Jillian, are wearing 2 dresses I designed last spring). Anyway, I plan to come back to this subject again, because I am very taken by the work of these incredible photographers. 

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