first glimpse of Spring 2010, Totem Coast

This is the first sample of the Birch Tank from the Spring 2010 Collection. It's a sateen pima cotton printed with small black brush strokes, and reminds me of birch trees. It needs some fine tuning with the fit, which I'll take care of as soon as my fit model Heather gets back from Greece (yes, I AM jealous!) I have a few other pieces done, and I'll snap shots of them at the studio today. But this one i really love! it's so simple, and so beautiful. The fabric is amazing! I'll be showing it at CONTENT at the Ace Hotel on Sunday, October 18th, in room 225. i hope all who reads this comes to the show!!! I'm sharing a space with a jewelry designer named Andy Lifschutz- he creates mystical, moving, ultra-modern pieces from reclaimed wood and metals... so far i want EVERY piece he's shown me! It's going to be gigantic- tons of supremely talented Portland designerns will be showing all across the second floor of the hotel. Speaking of which... i need to get to work!!!


sarah vale rapp said...

ohhhhhhhhhh bebe. sooooo good. SO GOOD.
wish i was here for contents! i call for pictures!

OR FOR A VISIT from you in NYC!


Alyson Clair said...

pretty pretty! (I like the thicker binding)

Emily Katz said...

your email is down! your spring looks lovely!

joeyandaleethea said...

Congratulations on Project Runway!!!!!!! We'll be watching and cheering for you -- have lots of fun -- and go show them whatchya got!! :D

Maxie said...

love the pattern