Resort 2009: Alexander McQueen

I'm not sure if this collection could be more amazing. Sharp as a tack. Bold colors. Extraterrestrial geometry. Mirror symmetry. Perfection of the cut. My jaw was on the floor looking at these pieces. I have been in the Alexander McQueen store, and the experience is transformative. There are ideas wrapped in ideas in his work! It's all so very modern... anyway, i hope you enjoy it as much as i do! Please, visit the whole collection here: 


Alyson Clair said...

Thinking about doing production on that gives me a migraine. But they are super amazing!!

Sonia Levesque said...

Geez we love the same things you and I !
Back when McQueen was designing the Givenchy collections, he ALWAYS had this sci-fi/sharp edge... God how I loved his homage to the Blade Runner movie.
Pure joy !

Anonymous said...

Where have those legging been all of my life?!